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Orthodontic treatment helps to achieve a proper teeth alignment. It does treatment for different problems like crooked teeth, the gap between teeth, crowded teeth, and different types of teeth misalignment. If you reside in Surat then visit the nearest branch of Sabka dentist to get excellent Orthodontic treatment.

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What Causes Crooked Teeth and How to Straighten Them

Crooked, misaligned teeth are very commonly seen in many children and adults. If you think that crooked teeth are not a problem then your thought is wrong. Hence, it is necessary to straighten them. You can take the help of an orthodontist in Surat.


Teeth that are not perfectly aligned in a position are unique to you and can change your personality and charm of your smile.

However, to change the way your teeth look, or if they’re causing health or speech issues or embarrassing problems, you can opt for realignment of the teeth.


What is the cause of having crooked teeth?

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In children, both baby teeth and permanent teeth can be in a crooked position or become crooked. Baby sometimes creates a movement in the teeth as they are small to fill the space of the gums. Some bad habits like thumb sucking can also create a movement in the teeth or push out the two upper teeth. In the case of having crooked teeth can be because of genetics.


Having crooked baby teeth doesn’t mean your child will have crooked permanent teeth. In some cases, if the baby grows with crowded teeth, the baby will be prone to have permanent crowded teeth.


Other issues given below can affect the baby teeth as well as permanent teeth which includes:

Jaw size

The consumption of food that is processed and soft is comparatively required less chewing than the food that was eaten in the earlier stages. This changes the jaw size, making the size smaller.


Poor myofunctional habits

Myofunctional habits that are the representative to prone to having crowded or crooked teeth are:

  • Sucking of thumb
  • bottle use
  • tongue thrusting
  • Badmouth breathing

Genetics and heredity

If your parents are prone to having crowded or crooked teeth are likely to have the same set of teeth You may also inherit an overbite or underbite process from your parents.


Poor dental care

Not visiting the dentist is the major reason for having unhealthy teeth. It leads to dental problems like gum disease and cavities, go untreated, has to be taken into consideration or else it will lead to crooked teeth or other dental problems.


Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition, in children and adults, can lead to tooth decay and poor dental development, which are likely to be the victim of crooked teeth.


Facial injury

An injury that is caused by hitting on the face that knocks out the teeth out of the place can cause crooked teeth. In some situations crooked teeth can ruin your life up, as the misaligned teeth may affect the chewing process, causing pain in the jaw.


Other health issues that crooked teeth may cause include:

  • Periodontal disease– it is a difficult task to clean the crooked teeth, especially the deeper part where the normal brush is tough to reach. If the situation is not cured, it will result in gum disease and, if the gum disease is not solved there can be a chance of losing the bones.
  • Chewing and digestion- crooked teeth will also interfere with the issue of proper chewing that will result in indigestion issues.
  • Excess wear- Excess wear refers to the tearing of the teeth, gums, and jaw that results in crooked, cracked jaw, strain, and jaw disorder.
  • Speech difficulties- The crooked teeth will affect your pronunciation while speaking.
  • Self-esteem- It is necessary and dream of everyone to have a beautiful smile that enhances the self- esteem as well as the personality. But, due to poor positioning of teeth lack the positive qualities.

Should crooked teeth be straightened?

Orthodontic treatment is a personal as well as recommend choice by the dentist. People think that this treatment is overpriced and due to lack of funds, they neglect to get this treatment. But not to worry about it, as Sabka dentist provides EMI option at Zero percent interest that makes your budget pocket-friendly. So it is a golden chance to visit Sabka dentist in surat today.


What are my options for straightening my teeth?

The right decision taken by you’ll get the orthodontic treatment done will help you through oral health. It is the open gates to solve the other dental problems with 12 to 14 months.


After the agreement done with the planning of orthodontic treatment given by the dentists, in the next stage, the dentist will recommend you the alternatives of types braces to you.


Wearing braces are a great option for everyone to make the teeth, jaw, and gums strong even in the future. They are especially a great choice for the children for wearing braces as they have bone issues.


Given below are the types of braces that will give an idea of selecting the best.

Metal braces

They are the combination of metal brackets, metal strings, and flexible bands. These braces are the better choice for everyone to choose for the people to have the maximum misalignment issues. Metal braces are the traditional wear of braces that has come a long way. But, now the material is quite small and comfortable to wear.

The cost of the metal braces start from the range of Rs 30,000/- exclusive the other treatment charges if needed.


Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are defined as the archwires that are connected to the tooth and represented in tooth-colored. It is an outstanding type of braces than metal braces. The treatment of straightening the teeth is the same as the metal braces. The cost of the ceramic braces at Sabka Dentist is more than metal braces ranging from- Rs 47,600 to Rs 70,000/-


Invisible braces

Invisible braces are the type of braces that can be removed at your convenience. These braces can be worn by teenagers and adults only as high care has to be taken. The invisible braces are named as aligners.


They are the custom made fixtures that are fitted in the mouth and can be removed again. Also, before opting for aligners it is necessary to know that these are not for the people with severe tooth alignment issues. The cost of this treatment is high as compared to other alternatives of the braces. It ranges from Rs 65,000/- to few lakhs.


Lingual braces

They are the braces that are similar to the metal braces but it is characterized as invisible. The only difference of these braces is they are stuck to the backside of teeth facing towards the tongue and that makes it look invisible.


Due to its high cost, lingual braces cannot be for everyone. But not to worry as Sabka Dentist provides an EMI option for every dental treatment at zero percent interest. It is necessary to know that these braces are not applicable for the people with severe problems of misaligned or crooked teeth.


What should I expect when I see a dentist or orthodontist in Surat?

The in-house dentist at Sabka dentist will go through the mouth and consult you to meet a specialist called orthodontist in Surat. In this process, the orthodontist in Surat will go for a deep check-up that will examine your teeth and jaw.


The orthodontist will ask you about the problem related to the chewing issue that you are facing. X-ray and impression will be taken by the orthodontist in Surat to plan for orthodontic treatment.


Expert's Opinion


  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental checkups are important to maintain good oral hygiene and a disease-free mouth”
  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “It is recommended that everyone should get a dental checkup done once every 6 months”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “A dental checkup is a two-step process that includes evaluation of oral tissues followed by cleaning and polishing.”

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